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  • Two Digital Signature ( DSC) and DIN
  • Preparation and drafting of AOA & MOA
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • PAN & TAN
Private Limited company is a closely held small business entity with limited liability of its owners. For registering a Private Limited Company at least two members and two directors are required along with minimum capital of Rs 1 Lac.

 Price starting INR 4999/- only

Easy to run, Manage & Windup

As a Company is separate person from its owner so it is easy to manage, running of operation and if required then winding of a company.

Minimum Working Time Required

Time required to incorporate a Private Limited company is around 10-12 working days.

Easy Transferability of ownership

Transfer of ownership of company can be made only by transferring of shares.

Limited Liability

Limited company by shares have limited liability only to the extent of paid up capital by shareholders.

Seperate Legal Entity

Law identifies a Company as a Separate Legal Entity which can own Assets and assumes Liability