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WPC Registration

WPC Registration

WPC Registration is a process of registering your business with the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) Wing of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in India. It is a legal requirement for all businesses that use wireless equipment, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular devices.

Here are the businesses that should apply for WPC Registration:

  • Businesses that use wireless equipment
  • Businesses that are planning to use wireless equipment
  • Businesses that are concerned about their wireless equipment being compliant with the regulations

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Get WPC Certificate in 15 working days

Get your WPC Certificate online by our WPC expert team without any hassle.

Documents required WPC Certificate
  • RF Test reports as per the EN Standard.
  • Description of the product.
  • Receipt of the online fee.
  • Letter authorizing our experts to file the application on your behalf.
  • Undertaking declaring that all the information  you've filled in the application is true.
  • Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the company.
  • Copy of the PAN Card of the company.

Procedure to Get your WPC Certificate

One of our WPC Representative will collect all the documents required for application and process the WPC application through WPC registration portal provided by the government.

    Procedure to Obtain WPC Certificate
  • RF testing from Authorized Laboratory.
  • Documents preparation.
  • Application filling to WPC.
  • Submitting the requisite fee online.
  • Application Scrutinization.
  • Issuance of the Certificate.


Our Expert will fill the WPC Application based on the information provided and ask for all required documents for WPC Registration with in 2 to 3 working days

Hire Expert Cross Platform WPC Registration to Boost Your Business

Our representative will assist you to prepare the application and collect all documents for registration to avoid the rejection. We will proceed the registration process for WPC License. Our expert will fill the WPC application based on the information provided and asked for all required documents for WPC registration. Once we get the information, we will send you an authorization letter which must be duly signed by the applicant and return to us which give authorization to our representative to fill an application on behalf of the customer.

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Advantages of WPC Registration

  • Compliance with standards                                               By securing WPC approval in india, all authorities be  it Central Govenments, State Government and Private Companies would ensure that they comply with the standard as per the Indian Government. 
  •  New Modernization Requirements                                  All companies that secure this approval would be compliant with the requirements of the Law. Apart from this, wireless companies would get frequent updates for this authority. 





It Is Required To Upgrade The Import Of Wireless Devices In India.

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Per License

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It Is a Non-Network Type License Which An Individual Or Company Obtains To Demonstrate Wireless Equipment.

INR 14999

Per License

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It Is a Network License, Which a Person Or Company Needs To Obtain If They Conduct An Experiment On Wireless Equipment.

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WPC Registration

Category Applicability Registration Process Compliance Requirements
WPC Licensing WPC Licensing is applicable to businesses and entities requiring spectrum allocation for wireless communication services. This includes radio broadcasting, satellite communication, wireless broadband, amateur radio, and more. The registration process for WPC Licensing involves the following steps:
  • Preparation of application with necessary technical and financial details.
  • Submission of the application online through the WPC Wing portal.
  • Payment of the prescribed fees.
  • Review and processing of the application by WPC authorities.
  • Issuance of the WPC License after approval.
Compliance with WPC Licensing includes various aspects:
  • Spectrum Frequency Allocation: Ensure efficient utilization of allocated spectrum frequencies for communication services.
  • License Renewal: Regularly renew the WPC License as per the specified renewal periods to continue operations legally.
  • Compliance with WPC Guidelines: Adhere to the guidelines and regulations set by the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing for radio frequency usage, transmission standards, and equipment certification.
  • Technical Standards: Maintain technical standards and specifications for communication equipment and systems as mandated by WPC.



New Modernization Requirements

All companies that secure this approval would be compliant with the requirements of the law. Apart from this, wireless companies would get frequent updates from this authority.


Compliances with Standards

By securing WPC approval in India, all authorities be it Central Government, State Government and Private Companies would ensure that they comply with the standards as per the Indian Government.



Company Registration Copy


Company GST Registration Copy


Authorised Person’s ID and Address Proof


Radio Frequency Test Result


Authorisation Letter


Technical details of the product


IEC if being imported


Imported product’s purchase order, if any


Online fee receipt


CE or RoHS or ASTM or EN Test Report

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The Wireless planning & Coordination Wing (WPC) is a Wing Department of Telecommunications coming under the Ministry of Communication of the Government of India. The department is responsible for issuing amateur radio license, allotting the frequency spectrum and monitoring the frequency spectrum.

Equipment Type Approval (ETA) is an approval that has to be obtained from WPC before importing any wireless device in India which functions in the de-licensed frequency band. Such equipment includes products like Bluetooth devices, Mobile phones, Wi-Fi Technology, RFID and others.

Filling of application for obtaining equipment type approval shall be made to the Wireless Adviser to Government of India. Preparation and Submission of required documents along with a complete copy of the radio test report (RF test report) carried out on the product from an accredited test laboratory.

To obtain an ETA from de-licensed frequency band devices, a detailed test report of the equipment obtained from a well-recognized laboratory has to be submitted to WPC for evaluation. To check your WPC license status visit saralsanchar.gov.in, click on the application status link. Login through your credentials and your application status will be visible.

A Dealer Possession License (DPL) is issued to the prospective dealers and distributers of wireless products. DPL forbids people and companies from possessing, transferring or selling any wireless devices or similar telegraphy apparatus to any other person or organization also not holding a valid license.

These are the following products: Required Documents 1. Radio Frequency (RF) Test Report is required in soft copy from any NABL accredited Indian lab or ISO 17025 accredited foreign lab.

ETA through self-declaration is applicable to the products which comply with both the following conditions, i.e., i) (exempted from import licensing requirement as per Import Policy of DGFT and; )ii (working in de-licensed frequency band)s (as per applicable Gazette Notifications from Ministry of Communications. For example: - Mobile handsets, Smartphone's, Electronic notepads, Laptops, Smartwatches, SRDs including accessories, microphones, headphones, speakers, earphones, printers, scanners, mouse, keyboard, TV, camera, etc.

Such category of products may be imported by submitting an undertaking to the Customs along with ETA certificate, both generated/downloaded through the portal saralsanchar.gov.in.

For such products (for example drones/RPAs), issuance of ETA through RLOs of WPC Wing shall continue. Apply online for ETA through the routine procedure to concerned RLOs and obtain ETA for it.

For obtaining ETA, a fee of Rs 10,000/- is required to be paid for each product having inbuilt one or more RF module(s). The product may be a finished model or RF module

The RF test report issued by Accredited Laboratory for the product is required for the issuance of ETA. In case the imported product contains multiple RF modules, then test report(s) of all RF modules without any alteration to be uploaded.

Yes, if it satisfies both the following conditions, i.e., (i) exempted from import licensing requirement as per Import Policy of DGFT and; (ii) working in de-licensed frequency band)s (as per applicable Gazette Notifications from Ministry of Communications.

Payment of Rs 10,000/- is to be made through BharatKosh (NTRP) Portal under 'Equipment Type Approval (ETA)? to 077188-CCA PAO, Headquarters. While making payment, it is advised to enter the name of the product and Model Number under the 'Remark' column.

A product operating in the licensed exempt band(s) should have equipment type approval (ETA). In the cases when the product is manufactured in India and RF module(s) having ETA is/are fitted in it without any modification/alteration, then no separate ETA is required for such finished product. However, if the product(s) are manufactured outside India, then ETA is required for each product before its import.

The validity of the Equipment Type Approval (ETA) license remains valid as long as the product model continues being manufactured without any alteration and modification. In such a case, no renewal is required.

Such items may be imported by submitting a copy of the existing ETA along with a signed undertaking clearly stating that:- i. the product contains RF module(s) operating in de-licensed frequency bands only and; ii. the product is exempted from import license requirement as per the Import policy of DGFT.

Once an ETA is issued for a product either through Self-Declaration or through RLO, it can be used subsequently by other persons for the purpose of import without any additional payment.

The frequency band would be applicable to a particular domain that has two forms of indicators. The indicators would be the lower domain and the higher domain. Frequency bands are commonly used terms when it comes to radio frequency and other forms of devices. A frequency chart is a specific form of a chart showing frequency bands for a different type of wireless product. For example, if the product is a specific frequency band, then it would be categorized as a low power device. 50-200 KHz are classified and categorized as low-frequency bands. However, 5825 Mhz - 5875 MHz would be categorized as high-frequency bands.

The applicant has to ensure that the technical specifications meet specific requirements. Apart from this, the frequency band and model number have to be specified. The device has to be wireless which is present in a de-listed frequency.

Yes, BIS Approved product also need WPC ETA Certificate.

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