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CDSCO Registration

CDSCO Registration

CDSCO Registration is a process of registering your drug manufacturing or marketing company with the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) in India. It is a legal requirement for all companies that manufacture or market drugs in India.

The CDSCO Registration is required to ensure that the drugs manufactured or marketed in India meet the required standards of quality and safety.

The time required to get a CDSCO Registration will depend on the type of product and services being offered.

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Process for CDSCO Registration


Navigate Regulatory Compliance with Expert CDSCO Registration Services

Efficient CDSCO Registration

  • Ensure your medical devices and drugs meet regulatory standards with streamlined CDSCO registration.
  • Experience a guided application process for obtaining necessary approvals for marketing and distribution.
  • Our experienced team understands the complexities of CDSCO regulations, ensuring compliance and timely approvals.
  • We provide guidance on preparing accurate documentation to demonstrate safety, efficacy, and quality.

Required Documentation

  • Product Details and Composition
  • Manufacturing and Quality Control Information
  • Clinical Trial Data (If Applicable)
  • Details of Manufacturer and Importer


Seamless Steps for CDSCO Registration

CDSCO Registration Procedure

  • Initiate with a comprehensive consultation to understand your specific medical device or drug and regulatory requirements.
  • Our experts guide you through the preparation of necessary documentation, including safety and efficacy data.
  • We liaise with the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) for regulatory submissions and approvals.
  • Throughout the process, our advisors are available to address queries, ensuring a smooth application journey.
  • Approval timelines vary depending on the complexity of the product and regulatory review, usually ranging from a few months to a year.
  • Our experienced team provides ongoing support to ensure continued compliance with evolving CDSCO regulations.

Registration under CDSCO

Registration Type Applicability Requirements Benefits
CDSCO Registration CDSCO Registration is essential for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, importers, and distributors operating in India. It ensures compliance with regulatory standards for drugs and medical products. Requirements for CDSCO Registration:
  • Manufacture, import, or distribute drugs, pharmaceuticals, or medical devices in India.
  • Comply with the stringent quality and safety standards set by CDSCO.
  • Submit detailed documentation, including product information, manufacturing processes, and safety data.
  • Undergo inspections and audits by CDSCO authorities to assess compliance.
Compliance with CDSCO regulations is mandatory for market access and product safety.
Benefits of CDSCO Registration:
  • Legally allows the sale and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical devices in India.
  • Ensures product safety and efficacy through regulatory oversight.
  • Demonstrates adherence to quality standards, enhancing trust among healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Facilitates access to a rapidly growing healthcare market in India.
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) GMP certification is required for pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure the quality and safety of drug production processes. Requirements for GMP Certification:
  • Compliance with stringent quality standards throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Documentation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for each production step.
  • Training of staff in GMP principles and procedures.
  • Regular inspections and audits to maintain GMP compliance.
Benefits of GMP Certification:
  • Guarantees the production of safe and effective pharmaceuticals.
  • Reduces the risk of contamination, errors, and product recalls.
  • Enhances product quality and consistency.
  • Ensures compliance with global regulatory requirements.
Medical Device Registration Medical device registration with CDSCO is mandatory for manufacturers, importers, and distributors to ensure product safety and quality. Requirements for Medical Device Registration:
  • Conforming to the Medical Device Rules, 2017.
  • Providing technical documentation, including device specifications and safety data.
  • Undergoing clinical evaluations and assessments for device safety and efficacy.
  • Labeling and packaging compliance with Indian regulations.
Benefits of Medical Device Registration:
  • Enables legal market access for medical devices in India.
  • Ensures that medical devices meet safety and efficacy standards.
  • Builds trust among healthcare professionals and patients regarding product quality.
  • Facilitates international trade in medical devices.



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