Limited Liability Partnership Registration Apply O

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LLP is a separate legal entity which provides benefit of both company and partnership. In an LLP, every partner is not responsible for the misconduct of other partners.
To incorporate an LLP minimum 2 partners are required and there is no minimum capital requirement. An LLP can be formed with least amount of capital.

 Price starting INR 4999/- only

No requirement of Audit

An LLP having turnover of less than Rs. 40 Lac and capital of less than Rs. 25 Lac are not required to get their accounts audited.

Cost effective

It is less expensive to incorporate a LLP as compared to Private Limited Company

Limited Liability of Partners

The very first benefit of creating a LLP is Limited liability of partners like in case of Private Limited company limited by shares.

Procedure of LLP Registration

Apply for DSC and DIN

Every Partner who all wanted to form Limited Liability Partnership needs to obtain Designated Partner Identification Number ( DPIN) and Class II Digital Signature.


Apply for Name Reservation via RUN

Limited Liability Partnership have to file for Reserving Unique name by using RUN services available on the MCA Portal.


Filing of FILLIP Form available on MCA Portal

For Creating LLP, we need to file form FILLIP available on MCA Website. One Subscriber sheet is also attached containing the details of Partner and details of the professional verifying the same.  

Issue of Certificate of Incorporation

After Verifying the FiLLiP form, if found in order then MCA will issue Certificate of Incorporation.

Application for PAN, TAN and Bank Account

Once company is incorporated, application for company's PAN and TAN is filed. On receiving PAN and TAN apply for bank account along with Certificate of Incorporation.