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ISP/UL-VNO License

ISP/UL-VNO License

ISP/UL-VNO License is a process of registering your business as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or a Unified License (UL) Virtual Network Operator (VNO) with the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in India. It is a legal requirement for all businesses that provide internet access to their customers.

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Process of UL ISP License


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Documents Required for Registration
  • Certificate of Incorporation of the company
  • MOA & AOA (Includes Internet services under the main objects of the company)
  • A Board Resolution signed and stamped by the Directors of the company.
  •  List of all the directors with their details.
  • Complete Equity structure of the company (Indian and Foreign equity)
  • DSC of the authorized signatory
You will require FIPB Approval if there is more 49% FDI in the applicant's company (Direct or indirect equity).

Procedure for Registration of ISP License

One of our company expert will collect all the required documents for the registration 

Procedure for Registration
  • Application for ISP License Registration
  • Reviewing of the application by the department of telecom
  • Comply with the conditions in Letter of Intent
  • Processing and issue of ISP License

Note: It is advisable to get your documents and forms drafted and reviewed by a professional ISP consultant to make applicant don't lose out on time and money.

Difference in Conditions in Types of ISP License

License Category Scope Requirements Benefits
Class A ISP License Class A licenses are issued for providing internet services across the entire country, making them eligible for offering services nationwide. Obtaining a Class A license involves complying with more stringent regulations, including larger infrastructure and higher financial requirements. ISPs with Class A licenses can cater to a vast customer base and offer a wide range of services, including broadband, wireless, and wired internet, on a national scale.
Class B ISP License Class B licenses are granted for providing internet services within a specific telecom circle or service area, typically a state or a group of states. These licenses have more relaxed infrastructure and financial criteria compared to Class A licenses, making them more accessible to smaller ISPs. Class B license holders can serve customers within their designated service area and offer a variety of internet services while focusing on regional markets.
Class C ISP License Class C licenses are meant for providing internet services within a very localized area, such as a city or town. Class C licenses have the least stringent requirements, making them suitable for small-scale ISPs looking to serve specific communities. ISPs with Class C licenses can target niche markets within a limited geographic area and provide localized internet services tailored to the needs of their target audience.
Unified License (UL) Unified License (UL) is a comprehensive license that combines various telecom services, including access services, internet services, and more. UL allows licensees to offer a wide range of telecom services. UL applicants must meet certain criteria, including financial stability and technical capabilities, as specified by the regulatory authority. The license also comes with a fee structure. UL holders have the flexibility to provide a mix of telecom services, leading to diversified revenue streams. They can operate across regions and offer bundled services.
UL VNO (Unified License - Virtual Network Operator) UL VNO is a sub-category of Unified License that allows licensees to offer telecom services without owning the underlying network infrastructure. VNOs lease network resources from network operators. UL VNO applicants need to demonstrate their business plan, including revenue generation and service offerings. They must also establish agreements with network operators. UL VNOs have a lower cost of entry as they don't need to build and maintain network infrastructure. They can focus on providing services and marketing.


Get a Complete Strategy of ISP License Registration

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Our services doesn't stop at just providing you the license. We also provide specific services is surrendering your license is on your mind. Through ISP license surrender, you can shut doen your business with dignity. Or if you're looking for cheaper options, you can obtain ISP VNO License.Regardless of your requirements, we assure you that our experts are going to bring together our expertise and dedication to get you place on the unified ISP license list.

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Three types of ISP License Registartion

  • Class A (National Area)
  • Class B (Telecon Circle/metro Area)
  • Class C (Secondary Switching Area)

Types of ISP License Registration


Pricing Table - ISP LICENSE


Class B ISP License Is Ment For ISPs That Want To Provide Internet Services In 20 Territorial Regions.

INR 17999

Per License

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Class A ISP License Is Ment For ISPs That Want To Provide Internet Service All Over The Country.

INR 54999

Per License

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Class C ISP License Is Ment For ISPs That Seeks To Provide Internet Service In Any Secondary Switching Area Of Department Of Telecommunication (DOT)

INR 11999

Per License

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Apply Internet Service Provider/Unified License in India


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ISP / UL-VNO License application drafting and submission

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Apply and Get an ISP License in India

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Internet Service Provider and Unified License all over India

In current scenario, as per the 2003 Amendment to the 1999 Telecom Policy, there are two forms of licenses – Unified Service License (to provide any telegraph service in various geographical areas) and Unified Access Service License (to provide basic and cellular services in defined service areas).

The applicant need to fill a VNO license Form to acquire the license from the DOT. Every applicant needs to pay a non-refundable amount of Rs. 15,000 towards processing fee, provide all mandatory documents, and 2 copies of the application form along-with all required o How can I get ISP license in India? To obtain an ISP license, applicant must be a registered company under the Companies Act 2013. Then applicant need to decide on category of ISP license (A, B, C) for which the applicant would like to apply.

Along with migration fee, an annual license fee is also levied according to the circle in which the service provider is operating. The annual license fee is 10 per cent, 8 per cent and 6 per cent on the adjusted gross revenue in the circles A, B and C respectively.

1. Plan your business and network infrastructure 2. Tax knowledge of laws applicable to ISP and apply for an ISP license 3. Start evaluating for hardware/software vendors 4. Get your ISP license approval from DoT 5. Purchase hardware, software and bulk bandwidth 6. Set up network infrastructure 7. Start marketing with brochures, banners and free WiFi advertising 8. Build customers; give them quality service and support 9. Become a WISP in India!

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