How to Get BIS Certification

The BIS Registration shall be granted by the BIS Office after satisfactory safety testing of the material in compliance with the approved Indian Standard and the furnishing of the necessary documents.

And the documents required for BIS Registration process is divided into two parts:

1. First, the technical information of the products available for lab test. The documents manufacturer has to submit is the construction details of the product like: 

  • PCB Layout

  • Schematic Diagram

  • User Manual

  • Critical components list

2. Second, Manufacturer have to submit the Factory Documents & Information to complete the BIS application form and process that is all basic information related to the manufacturing unit:

  • Trademark Registration Copy

  • Organizational chart of the factory

  • Legal address proof of factory

  • List of machinery

  • List of equipments

  • Documents of Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) when the manufacturer is from outside India

The BIS Registration procedures will take approximately 30-35 days to complete including testing time of 15-20 days and the BIS Application processing time which is 10-15 days.