Compliances after Incorporation of Private Limited Company

admin 26-02-2020

1.    Hold a board meeting within the 30 days of incorporation


2.    Agenda to be discuss in the board meeting


a.     Appointment of a chairman for the meeting.

b.    Appointment of an auditor

c.     Approve and ratify the preliminary expenses and agreements

d.    Approve the appointment of Key Managerial Personnel.

e.     Authorization to open a bank account of a company.

f.      Records the Notices of disclosures of interest given by the first director.


3.    Affix and paint its name, registered office address, CIN at the outside of every office or place in which business is carried out


4.    Get the Name, registered office address along with CIN, Email ID and telephone number on letterheads, bill heads, business letters, websites address and in all notices and other official publication.


5.    Take other registration like Professional tax, Goods and services Tax, Provident fund, Employees State Insurance etc (if applicable in accordance with in any law.)


6.    And lastly we have to file the INC- 20A regarding to the Commencement of wthe business within 180 days of the date of incorporation.