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Are you a business owner based in Mumbai looking for stress-free trademark registration services? Worry no more! eFiling Company, a trademark registration consultancy in Mumbai, is the go-to place for easy trademark registration in Mumbai. Our team of experts is focused on making the process of registering your mark easier and complying with all the legal regulations as well as saving your time.


What We Offer You:


-        Streamlined Registration: Registering a trademark has never been harder in Mumbai than when you work with us. That’s because our specialists will take care of all the documentation and procedures so that you can sit back and concentrate on your business.


-        Time is Money: In an effort to save time for entrepreneurs, we have ensured maximum efficiency when it comes to service delivery. Expect fast response times at every stage throughout the whole process.


-        Fair Pricing: We are committed to making quality trademark registration services available to all businesses through eFiling Company, a trademark registration consultancy in Mumbai. By providing both affordable rate and high-quality solutions, we do not compromise on our service levels.


-        Security and Privacy Concerns: We maintain strict confidentiality policies. When engaging us for trademark registrations within Mumbai, be confident in knowing that your data will be securely managed.


-        Post-registration Maintenance: Registration of your trademark is not the end, but there are still some requirements that must be met in order to keep it valid. We will help you perform these tasks after registration like filing periodic declarations of use or renewal applications when necessary.


-        Protection and Enforcement: If any person tries to infringe on your trademark rights or you meet other matters concerning brand protection, our professionals will work with you using appropriate legal means towards protecting and enforcing your rights.


-        International Trademark Registration: When looking to extend your business globally, we can guide you through registering the mark in many countries under the Madrid System for International Registration of Marks.


-        Trademark Monitoring: As a result, we provide an inclusive monitoring service to observe any marks which might be filed that may be in conflict with yours post-registration. It gives us an opportunity to timely deal with infringements and protect your interests.


Here are some few quick steps to be taken in registering your trademark in Mumbai:


1.     Begin with an extensive search of the mark’s uniqueness across different classes. For this process, our team can help you through it by using specialized tools.

2.     Thereafter, get a Trademark Attorney to start the application process. This involves preparing Form48 and TM1 for approval, ensuring that the documents are signed by the trademark applicant.

3.     The next step is submitting the actual trademark application to the registry. The small businesses, individuals or startups’ registration fee stands at Rs.4500.

4.     After submission of the application, it is important to monitor its progress at regular intervals while in the hands of government processing agencies; any objections must be replied within 30 days from receipt.


EFiling Company is your one-stop partner for obtaining Trademark Registration in Mumbai. As a trusted service provider, we specialize in trademark registration, making it a seamless process.

Advantages of having a Trademark Registration in Mumbai, Maharashtra

- Protecting brand’s commercial goodwill: Being the owner of a registered trademark gives you the right to build up, keep and protect your products’ or services’ popularity. In case an unauthorized person uses your logo or registered trademark, you can sue them.


- Boosting advertising via an established Trademark: A trademark is a basic and vital part when starting off with branding your products as well as services. It helps clients tell apart others from your brand thus it earns credibility.


- Legal protection under the law: Registering your trademark offers legal protection in cases where there is infringement or any illegal activities involving your brand name or content without your permission. This will offer redress in such situations.


- Potential asset: Once registered, the TM becomes a potential asset that can be sold, transferred or franchised. This accrues multiple benefits for the owner-person or company.


Why choose us?

-        Expertise: With years of experience in trademark registration and brand protection, our team has the necessary expertise and knowledge to guide you through the process seamlessly.

-        Affordability: We offer competitive pricing for all our services without compromising on quality. Our aim is to make trademark registration accessible for businesses of all sizes.


-        Convenience: The entire process can be completed online from anywhere in the world.

Why Wait? Register Your Trademark with eFiling Company Today!

Trademark protection is essential for any business looking to establish a strong brand presence. Don’t let the registration process hold you back. Partner with us, the top trademark registration consultancy in Mumbai, today and enjoy seamless, hassle-free trademark registration in Mumbai!


Frequently Asked Questions about Trademark Registration in Mumbai


1. What is the period of validity for trademark registration in Mumbai?

Ten years from the date of filing is how long a trade mark registration lasts if it is acquired in Mumbai.


2. Can trademark registration be renewed in Mumbai?

Trademark owners can exercise their right to have their trademarks renewed in order to continue using them.


3. Why do we need a trademark?

Trademarks have been created to show where goods or services come from as well as guaranteeing quality standards. In addition, they build brand identities for goods and services within Mumbai.


4. How long does it take to get trademark registered in Mumbai?

Although the first application for trade mark registration may be filed with the Trade Marks Registry within 1-3 days, obtaining trade mark registration takes typically between 6 and 24 months for complete legal process and procedures associated with trade mark registration in Mumbai.


5. Can the application or registration of a trademark in Mumbai, Maharashtra be modified?

Certainly, some changes can be done while maintaining the bottom line that the registered trade mark should not be altered so much that it loses its identity. Under subordinate legislations, other adjustments are possible within this limitation.


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