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The classification for a trademark is divided into 45 different classes. Trademark applications can be filed in more than one class if the business's activity involves various goods or services falling under different trademark classifications. When filing a trademark registration application, it is important to choose the right class of the trademark as the mark's wrong classification can hamper the registration process. Trademark only includes exclusivity for the mark's use concerning the class of goods or services for which the trademark is registered. Use our efilingcompany site to find the correct trademark class for your goods or service from over 80,000 goods and services.


Trademark class 27: Carpets and Rugs

Trademark Class 27 includes carpets, rugs, mats and matting, linoleum and other materials for covering existing floors; wall hangings (non-textile); and wooden flooring.


List of goods classified under Trademark Class 27

·         nti-slip floor coverings for use on staircases

·         Anti-slip material for use under rugs

·         Anti-slip material for use under floor coverings

·         Anti-slip material for use under carpets

·         Area rugs

·         Artificial grass

·         Artificial ground coverings

·         Artificial lawn

·         Artificial turf

·         Artificial turf for laying on the surfaces of recreational areas

·         Automobile carpets

·         Baby crawling mats

·         Bath mats

·         Bathroom mats

·         Bathroom rugs

·         Bathroom tiles [carpet]

·         Beach mats

·         Car mats

·         Carpet backing

·         Carpet inlays

·         Carpet padding

·         Carpet runners

·         Carpet tile backing

·         Carpet tiles

·         Carpet tiles for covering floors

·         Carpet tiles made of plastics

·         Carpet tiles made of rubber

·         Carpet tiles made of textiles

·         Carpet underlay

·         Carpet underlays

·         Carpet underlining

·         Carpeting

·         Carpeting for vehicles

·         Carpets

·         Carpets for automobiles

·         Carpets, rugs and mats

·         Carpets [textile]

·         Ceiling coverings made of paper

·         Ceiling paper

·         Chair mats [under-chair floor protector]

·         Cloth wall coverings

·         Cork mats

·         Cork tiles

·         Coverings (Floor -)

·         Coverings for existing floors

·         Decorative slip-resistant floor coverings in sheet form

·         Decorative wall hangings, not of textile

·         Diatomite bath mats

·         Disposable absorbent floor pads

·         Door mats

·         Door mats of india rubber

·         Door mats of textile

·         Fabric bath mats

·         Fabric wall coverings

·         Fencing pistes

·         Floor coverings

·         Floor coverings and artificial ground coverings

·         Floor coverings [for existing floors]

·         Floor coverings having insulating properties

·         Floor coverings [mats] being sheet materials for use in sporting activities

·         Floor coverings [mats] for use in sporting activities

·         Floor coverings [mats] for use in gymnastic activities

·         Floor mats

·         Floor mats, fire resistant, for fireplaces and barbecues

·         Floor mats, fire-resistant, for fireplaces and barbecues

·         Floor mats for automobiles

·         Floor mats for vehicles

·         Floor mats of cork

·         Floor tiles made of carpet

·         Floor tiles made of cork

·         Floors coverings of rubber

·         Foam mats for use on play area surfaces

·         Friezes [non-textile wall hangings]

·         Fur rugs

·         Goza rush mats

·         Grass (Artificial -)

·         Gymnasium exercise mats

·         Gymnasium mats

·         Gymnastic mats

·         Hana-mushiro [rush mats with floral patterns]

·         Hand made woollen carpets

·         Handcrafted non-textile wall hangings

·         Hangings (Wall -), not of textile

·         Hard surface coverings for floors

·         Heel protectors [mats] to prevent scuffing whilst driving the vehicle

·         Horse stall floor mats

·         Imitation turf for use in covering surfaces for sports purposes

·         Imitation turf for use in covering surfaces for recreational purposes

·         Imitation turf for use in covering surfaces for athletics

·         Imitation turf for use in covering surfaces for games

·         Insulating wallpaper

·         Interlocking floor runners

·         Japanese rice straw mats (tatami mats)

·         Linoleum

·         Linoleum for covering existing floors

·         Linoleum for use on floors

·         Linoleum tiles

·         Materials for covering existing floors

·         Mats

·         Mats for vehicles [not shaped]

·         Mats of woven rope for creating ski slope surfaces

·         Mats of woven rope for ski slopes

·         Matting

·         Matting [for covering existing floors]

·         Moquettes [carpets]

·         Mural hangings [non-textile]

·         Mushiro straw mats

·         Non-slip floor mats for use under apparatus

·         Non-slip mats

·         Non-slip mats for baths

·         Non-slip mats for showers

·         Non-slip underlays

·         Non-textile wall coverings

·         Non-textile wall hangings

·         Non-textile wallpaper

·         Oriental non-woven rugs (mosen)

·         Padded coverings for existing ceilings

·         Padded coverings for existing floors

·         Padded linings for existing ceilings

·         Padded linings for existing floors

·         Padded linings for existing walls

·         Paper bath mats

·         Paper floor mats

·         Personal exercise mats

·         Personal sitting mats

·         Pet feeding mats

·         Plastic bath mats

·         Plastic wall coverings

·         Plastic wallpaper

·         Play mats

·         Prayer rugs

·         Primary carpet backing

·         Protective floor coverings

·         Puzzle mats [floor coverings]

·         Reed mats

·         Rubber bath mats

·         Rubber mats

·         Rugs

·         Rugs (Door -)

·         Rugs (Floor -)

·         Rugs for animals

·         Rugs [mats]

·         Runners [mats]

·         Rush mats with floral patterns (hana-mushiro)

·         Showermats

·         Ski slopes (Mats of woven rope for -)

·         Straw mats

·         Straw mats [mushiro]

·         Tapestry-style wall hangings, not of textile

·         Tapestry [wall hangings], not of textile

·         Tatami mats

·         Textile bath mats

·         Textile floor mats for use in the home

·         Textile lined wallpaper

·         Textile wall coverings

·         Textile wallcoverings

·         Textile wallpaper

·         Tiles (Carpet -)

·         Tiles made of linoleum

·         Tiles made of linoleum for fixing to existing floors

·         Tiles made of linoleum for fixing to existing walls

·         Turf (Artificial -)

·         Underlay for carpets

·         Underlay for mats

·         Underlayment padding for artificial turf

·         Underlays for carpeting

·         Underlays for rugs

·         Vehicle carpets

·         Vehicle mats and carpets

·         Vehicles mats and carpets

·         Vinyl floor coverings

·         Vinyl floor coverings for existing floors

·         Vinyl wall coverings

·         Vinyl wallpaper

·         Wall and ceiling coverings

·         Wall coverings

·         Wall coverings, not of textile

·         Wall coverings of cork

·         Wall coverings of paper

·         Wall coverings of plastic

·         Wall coverings of textile

·         Wall hangings [non-textile]

·         Wall hangings (non-textile)

·         Wall hangings, not made of textile

·         Wall hangings, not of textile

·         Wall paper

·         Wall paper of vinyl

·         Wallcoverings

·         Wallhangings, not of textile

·         Wallpaper

·         Wallpaper borders

·         Wallpaper in the nature of roomsize decorative adhesive wall coverings

·         Wallpaper of cork

·         Wallpaper of plastic

·         Wallpaper with 3D visual effects

·         Wallpaper with a textile covering

·         Wallpapers

·         Wooden door mats

·         Wrestling mats

·         Yoga mats

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