ISO Certification in UAE

Guidelines for ISO Certification

Find out which ISO certification in UAE standard is relevant to your industry and business goals. The most common ones are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety) among others. Get to know what your chosen ISO standards require of you. This means comprehending the processes, procedures and records which conform to the requirements.

Carry out a gap analysis to determine where your current processes and systems do not meet the provisions of that specific ISO certification in UAE. This way you can prioritize where actions should be taken first as well as plan for them. Enforce changes required into systems, procedures and processes so as to meet UAE Standard for ISO certification. It may include training employees, updating documents or improving activities.

Conduct internal audits to evaluate if implemented systems are effective or identify non-conformances if any exist. Hold an internal audit review meeting within the organization to assess this finding prior conducting a companywide appraisal of these results defining corrective measures if necessary. Choose an accredited certification body that will perform external audit and certification process by ensuring its accreditation by globally recognized certifying agency.

The certification body will carry out an external audit to determine whether your organization meets the requirements of ISO certification in UAE standard. In case the external audit is successful, you’ll be given with ISO certification. This certification indicates that you are focused on quality, environmental management, occupational health and safety or other issues contained in the selected ISO standard.

ISO certification is a one-off attainment. You must be committed to maintaining and improving your business systems if they are to remain certified as such. Regularly monitor and review processes for purposes of enhancing them. Note however that process and requirements for ISO certifications in UAE may vary depending on the specific standard and the certifying body chosen. It is advisable to get help from experts or consultants such as eFilingCompany who are well-versed with ISO-related matters when seeking information about these procedures in the UAE.


ISO Certification in UAE

ISO certification in the UAE relates to the most common way of getting certified by International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO certification in UAE against different quality management, environmental management, information security management and others. This is an indication that a business is committed to observing worldwide standards, enhancing trustworthiness as well as increasing efficiency. Typically, companies in UAE seeking this certification must go through an audit by a certification body accredited either by Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology or any other authorized accreditation body. This encompasses setting up required management systems, internal auditing and external appraisal which ascertain compliance with ISO standards.


As in, the ISO certification is an indication that your company has met globally approved standards for quality, environmental management, information security among others and thus increases its credibility to customers and partners as well as stakeholders worldwide. For a start, it is mandatory in several global markets that any company engaged in business must attain ISO certification in UAE. In addition, having ISO certification could enable you to get into new markets and be more competitive globally. By implementing these standards companies streamline their processes and improve efficiency which help to save costs and enhance the use of resources. Moreover, for the purpose of global businesses where risks may vary greatly, the ISO standards offer frameworks for risk identification as well as mitigation that are usually used to assess a diverse range of risks.


Among other things, businesses require frameworks such as those provided by ISO standards so that they can effectively identify, analyse and mitigate different types of risks involved because in global operations these risks can be numerous and complex too. Another crucial point noted is that these International Standards are made keeping customer focus in mind so that organizations following them can understand how their products or services should be improved upon thereby raising loyalty levels globally .


Frequently asked Questions

What are the expenses associated with ISO certification in UAE?

ISO certification fees include implementation consultancy charges, examination fees charged by certification bodies, costs of documentations as well as continued maintenance costs.


Can revocation of ISO certification be a possibility?

If an organization fails to comply with standard requirements or goes through significant changes which hinder it from fulfilling these needs, ISO certification may be taken back.


How long does ISO Certification last for?

ISO Certification normally has a lengthy validation timeframe but subjected to yearly checks through surveillance audits to maintain consistency.


Can small business organizations in UAE get certified with ISO?

Yes, small firms can acquire this certificate when they apply suitable standards that are relevant for their scale and area of operation.


Is it mandatory for companies in UAE to have ISO certification?

Although not obligatory in the country, most clients, suppliers and regulators often require or prefer having this so as to ensure adherence to quality, safety and compliance standards.


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