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As an independent body, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) makes standards to ensure that your organization or association’s products and services are of quality, safety and effectiveness. ISO Certification in Bangladesh is done so that the required ISO standard can be applied on your businesses or associations for efficient and effective products and services. Currently, it is very easy to get ISO Certification as it can all be done online with a few clicks. Want certification? Go for Online ISO Certification in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Advantages of ISO Certification in Bangladesh

1.     Improved Process Efficiency: In addition to improving process efficiency, ISO Certification can raise the performance of a company by increasing its operational efficiency. This leads to streamlined processes and efficient usage of resources resulting in increased productivity and better performance. By following the guidelines set by ISO, companies can achieve higher levels of operational performance which is important for competitiveness in business markets.


2.     Risk Reduction and Environmental Protection: ISO Certification is very instrumental in decreasing risks associated with work and managing threats to the environment in your company. By adopting ISO standards, companies can identify possible hazards, assess their level of risk and enforce appropriate measures aimed at minimizing or preventing them. This not only promotes employee safety as well as the preservation of its property but also indicates concern for environmental sustainability.


3.     Energy Optimization and Cost Savings: ISO Certification has a strong focus on energy balancing that fosters cost-cutting efforts among organizations. Energy management strategies based on ISO standards enable businesses to pinpoint energy saving opportunities, improve energy effectiveness and lessen utility costs. This in turn leads to significant savings while reducing carbon emissions which are important towards environmental sustainability.


4.     Meeting Customer Requirements: ISO Certification ensures that businesses achieve and fulfil all their customers' demands, thus improving customer happiness and steadfastness. By observing ISO standards, organizations show their dedication to offering excellent quality products as well as services which always satisfy the needs of the customers. This builds trust and loyalty among clients leading to repeat business and referrals by word of mouth.


5.     Environmental, Health, Safety Compliance: To maintain a healthy working environment for employees, ISO certification assists companies in sticking to environmental regulations related to health issues and safety measures. Therefore, recognizing any potential risks due to implementation of environmental management systems or occupational health & safety which facilitates legal compliance and improves employee’s welfare in industry.


ISO Certification process in Bangladesh


Start by choosing one of the globally recognized certification bodies who meet all the ISO Accreditations standards such as SIS Certifications.  Afterwards, write an application letter that contains both rights and obligations attaching a confidentiality note between applicants and the registrar. Then ISO auditors should review appropriate documentation regarding different approaches practiced within your organization. You will be expected to develop an action plan if there are any gaps identified by the auditors. Finally, there are initial certification audits which are done:

-        Stage I – where auditors check for changes made in accordance with requirements.

-        Stage II – where final certification audits are carried out by auditors.


When all processes are approved by auditors, they compile a report to present it to registrar which warrant you this certificate of ISO 9001:2015.


Apply for ISO Certification in Bangladesh

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ISO Certification Classes in Bangladesh

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How do I check certificates issued from Bangladesh?

On the verification page, you will be required to fill out the mandatory details based on your ISO certification standard. Provide these details and have your certificate verified.


Why choose us as your ISO consultant in Bangladesh?


To effectively embrace this international standard, competent experts are needed by the organizations who can understand and interpret it. Get an advisory such as eFilingCompany that has experienced consultants with many certifications and successful cases.


We are there for you not just to take care of global standards’ implementation/ consultation but also provide audits on third party basis as well as certification for these standards. Thus, make a good decision and choose us or any other advisory entity that thinks about its clients first, a company that ensures they always like our services. We can help you tackle any problems you may be facing.


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