What Is ISO 20121 in  SAUDI ARABIA?

ISO 20121 provides guidance and best practices to help manage and control the social, economic, and environmental impact of an event. It is adaptable and can be used for a wide range of events, from music festivals to school outings. It was developed with input from many stakeholders, including representatives from the event industry. It addresses all stages of an event's supply chain and includes guidelines for monitoring and measuring. If you work in the event industry, this standard is for you.



What Is Sustainable Event Management in ISO certification 20121?

Sustainable event management is the process of producing an event with social and environmental responsibility at the forefront. It considers the needs, values, and ethics of all event stakeholders and prioritizes environmental, economic, and social values. 9 out of 10 Australians want sustainable products and 70% are seeking to make their events more viable by 2020. Sustainable products and events are more than just trendy, with 9 out of 10 Australians wanting sustainable products and 70% seeking to make their events more viable by 2020.


Why Should You Get the ISO 20121 Certification?


The ISO 20121 event sustainability management systems standard provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to incorporating sustainability into the event planning cycle. It requires organizations to understand and manage issues related to sustainable development, but does not certify the event itself. Adopting ISO 20121 helps with environmental challenges, but also makes the event sector more lucrative and competitive. It has demonstrated benefits such as lowering the impact on local communities and cost savings through limiting waste generated and energy savings. By obtaining ISO 20121 accreditation, the company demonstrates how its efforts to safeguard the environment and local communities aid in contract wins and provide it an edge over its competitors.


What are the benefits of ISO certification in 20121?

·         Find ways to make planning for event and execution better for business.

·         Efficiency standards and Attain performance that is best in class for business.

·         Define the independent contractors, obligations of employees, and suppliers.

·         Reduce costs through improving energy and wastage in business management.

·         For even better output, incorporate ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

·         The effectiveness of the task will improve with better matched plan and staff.

·         It will create an accountable boost employee innovation and integrated management structure, which will increase productivity and teamwork.

·         Batter a positive connation between the company's partners, clients, and other stakeholders while build up the organization’s reputation.

·         Able to achieve the cost-cutting on highest levels methods in terms of trash recycling, material use, and energy savings.

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What Is an ISO 20121 Checklist Important and why it is important?

·         Organizational Affairs: The most important details are that the company and its situation should be openly disclosed to personnel, it is important to understand and meet the demands of parties and sponsors, and the scope of the event sustainability management system should be determined. It is also necessary to establish sustainability management guiding principles.


·         Planning: The planning phase is essential for an event sustainability management system as it defines the course of action and goal of a sustainable event.


·         Support: The event sustainability management system needs the right resources and a sound structure in place and upheld to achieve continual improvement. Employee competency in the workplace should take into account their education, training, self-awareness, experience, work aptitude, and mental health. There should be a clear line of communication between the organization’s staff and the general public, such as through group discussions, periodicals, and discussions about how to stop particular risks and unruly employee conduct. The company must produce and maintain the manual document in accordance with ISO 20121 standards, as well as incorporate other data that it deems important for the event sustainability management system.


·         Operation: The association will plan and control their activities and procedures to address the ESMS execution, destinations, and targets. They will also highlight the value of each of these goals, aims, and plans to service providers.


·         Evaluation of Performance:   Organizations should monitor sustainability management performance after ISO 20121 accreditation and review it regularly. Routine monitoring, analysis, and assessment can improve performance, as well as internal audit and management assessment.


·         Improvement: The organization should evaluate the steps for identifying non-conformities, and take appropriate preventive actions, with corrective measures. By eliminating the causes of non-conformities, the organization will attain sustained improvement.







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