ISO 27001 Certification is a business differentiator, affirming to suppliers, stakeholders and clients that your business takes information security management seriously. It demonstrates an organizations commitment to continual improvement, development, and protection of information assets/sensitive data by implementing appropriate risk assessments, policies and controls. 


What is the need of ISO CERTIFICATON 27001


ISO 27001 certification is essential for organization’s to formalize and improve business processes around information security, privacy and securing their information assets. It provides intrinsic assurances from having UKAS ISO 27001 certification, allowing organization’s to demonstrate that their people, processes, tools, and systems adhere to a recognized framework. Understand with some shorts points.

·        As a customer, you need confidence that your suppliers are certified to help mitigate your business risks and exploit opportunities, e.g. from more consistent, higher standards and lower total cost and risk of work you encounter from them.

·        Consumers need confidence that suppliers are certified to mitigate business risks and exploit opportunities. Influential customers are mandating ISO 27001 certification and transferring the risk management process down the supply chain, resulting in extra business and lower premiums.

What are the benefits of ISO 27001 certification in Oman?

                ISO 27001 Certification provides trust and assurance gained from externally audited information security management’s 27001 Certification offers multiple benefits - for example:

·        Protect IP, brand & reputation.

·        Win more business from new & existing customers.

·        Retain more business.

·        Improved processes to cost & time savings.

·        Avoid fines from regulatory non-compliance.

·        Avoid civil suits resulting from a data breach.

·        Avoid costs of remedial action resulting from incidents and/or breaches.

·        Attract better staff.


Do its really needs ISO 27001 Certification?

Organizations need to manage valuable information assets to stay competitive. Their whole business is built on developing or managing information assets.

So, in that case, losing some or all of that business or not winning more in future probably means it’s worth investing in becoming certified to ISO 27001, especially if customers or other stakeholders like investors perceive a risk.

ISO 27001 certification is no longer as complicated or expensive as it used to be, but some leaders still view it as a 'grudge' purchase. It requires a time and cost investment, but it is worth considering the return and broader benefits.

The return on investment from an ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) can be explored in a recently published whitepaper by Alienist CEO Mark Darby

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