ISO 9001 Certification in Bangladesh

When an organization or a business seeks to enhance overall performance by considering all possible aspects, including productivity, profitability, new business opportunities, customer satisfaction, and reductions in product rejections, eFilingCompany, industry experts in Bangladesh offering ISO Certification services believe that these expectations can be met.

What are the benefits of having an organization certified with ISO 9001?

Benefits that come with being certified with iso 9001 are as follows:

1.     Improved Customer Satisfaction: Treatment of customers as a priority and fulfilling their needs is the message put across by ISO 9001 Certification. Better customer knowledge, offering even more than expected products and services, and hence contributing towards overall satisfaction through implementation of quality management systems.


2.     Better Overall Organizational Performance: ISO 9001 Certification, makes organizations to have a systematic plan when dealing with processes thus; this leads to enhanced efficiency, consistency and effectiveness throughout all areas of operation. Thereby, productivity is increased due to faster task execution and profitability increases as better use is made of resources.


3.     Opening up of New Business Prospects: When an organization has an ISO 9001 Certification number it serves as a proof that the business is committed in giving out their best in terms of goods and services which in turn boosts its image and reputation within the market. This factor invites new businesses since the corresponding certified companies tend to win confidence from customers or any other stakeholder who get engaged with them directly or indirectly.


4.     Establishing Online Credibility: Globally known and respected, ISO 9001 Certification means that a firm is up to international standards of quality management. This will establish credibility and competence which boosts confidence among stakeholders.


5.     Increased Gains and Reduced rejections: ISO 9001 Certification helps organizations identify inefficiencies and non-conformances. This enhances customer satisfaction as well as reduces costs associated with redoing work and scrapping waste plus warranty claims that lead to increased company profits and financial gains.


What is the Quality Management System, which helps the organization succeed in meeting the organizations' expectation after ISO 9001 Certification in Bangladesh?

ISO 9001:2015 is an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee that developed this Quality Management System Standard, enabling even small or medium-sized organizations with limited resources to compete in the market and meet all organizational needs. If an organization has decided to include ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management System within its system, it will have to meet certain requirements as outlined by this QMS standard. These are potential requirements that could greatly improve an organization’s overall performance systematically across different areas of emphasis. These regulations are divided into:

- Context of the organization

- Leadership

- Planning

- Support

- Operation

- Performance evaluation

- Improvement

These requirements are addressed by the organization and will improve its performance continuously while meeting what the clients need without trying so hard. This standard enables the system of the organization to be capable of satisfying any want imaginable. It is critical for a firm to have an appropriate system, documents, and records before it obtains ISO 9001 Certification in Bangladesh.


ISO 9001 has certain fundamental requirements that an organization can use to initiate development and preservation of documentation and records. The main requirements include:


-        Quality Policy and Objectives should be established;

-        Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) should be developed for all key processes;

-        Roles and responsibilities of process owners must be defined;

-        Train employees on QMS requirements, your organization’s Quality Policy, customer expectations as well as applicable regulatory requirements.

-        Conduct a comprehensive risk assessment and introduce control measures to mitigate those risks as well as identify opportunities for improvement in the presence of internal or external factors affecting the performance of an organization (for example technology, knowledge, market competition, economy, legal matters).

-        Provide resources that include skilled employees, facilities, materials from suppliers, processes or system capability requirements related to customer needs or expectations as well as equipment for process monitoring and measuring.

-        Set forth acceptance criteria for products and processes.

-        Control records of product/process validation measurements are maintained at each stage so that the final product is achieved and customers’ specifications are met every time.

-        Perform internal audits to verify whether implemented QMS is effective.

-        Periodic management review meetings must be held to ensure the QMS’s appropriateness, provide additional resources for continuous improvements and serve other requirements too.

How can a businesses in Bangladesh get  ISO 9001 Certification?

With the above details regarding the ISO 9001 requirements, you can approach eFilingCompany for ISO Certification in Bangladesh who are providers of ISO Certification services. Obtain a quote from us to know what is involved in attaining ISO 9001 Certification or how much it may cost to get certified. Following this, make an application for ISO 9001 Certification which will require a proposal from certification body.


We enable organizations to improve their quality management systems leading to sustainable growth and ISO 9001 certification as a result of its strong knowledge of local business environment and global standards.


Those in Bangladesh who choose eFilingCompany as their ISO Certification partner stand at an advantage because they are assured of the best-rated certification services that can meet their specific needs. At each step, from initial consultation to final certification audit, our team of seasoned professionals provides guidance on the roadmap for an organization towards adhering to ISO 9001 requirements resulting in measurable benefits such as increased customer satisfaction, enhanced company performance and more trustworthiness among customers.


We offer excellent ISO Certification services that will enable your firm meet your quality goals while outperforming your rivals. Rely on us as you seek to achieve ISO 9001 Certification and have an opportunity of realizing the difference that comes along with working alongside a widely known credible certification body that wishes you nothing but success.


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