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Looking for help with GST Registration of your business in Mumbai? We got you! At eFiling Company, we provide seamless GST Registration services to help businesses meet their GST needs. We support and guide you by simplifying the entire GST registration process in Mumbai. Ready to comply with the latest GST regulations?

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1.     Skilled Direction: Our team at eFiling Company, top GST Registration Company in Mumbai is knowledgeable with intricacies of GST registration. We offer professional guidance all through the process to guide you through every step.

2.     Customized Service: We are aware that no two businesses are similar and this prompts us to provide personalized services tailored towards meeting your specific needs. Whether you are a small start-up or a large corporation, we will handle your GST registration accurately at a fast pace.

3.     Prompt Help: Time is an important factor when it comes to GST registration in Mumbai. We ensure that timely help is given at each stage of the procedure. With this, we endeavour to fast track your registration so that nothing slows down the growth of your business.

4.     Compliance Guarantee: For any enterprise, adherence to GST rules is mandatory. Being fully knowledgeable of this law ensures that all aspects of your application for registration meet the current requirements in relation to Goods and Services Tax, thereby reducing chances of getting fined or penalised.

5.     Effortless Procedure: Our belief is rooted in ensuring simplicity during GST registrations by clients. In other words, we take care of everything on behalf of the client from document preparation up until submission to save both time and energy.

6.     Competitive pricing: Our GST registration in Mumbai priced in such a way that it should be affordable for anyone. We think that transparency and integrity are important, which is reflected in how much we charge our clients.

Categories of GST Registration in Mumbai

GST Registration has various groups under the GST Act. These classifications must be understood before one can make a choice. They include:

1.     Standard Taxpayer: This is the group where most businesses in India belong. For standard taxpayer registration, no deposit is required, and there is no expiry date for taxpayers classified as such.

2.     Casual Taxable Person: This category can be chosen by persons who want to start a temporary shop or stall. A prior deposit equal to estimated GST payable during operating period of stall or seasonal shop has to be made. Registration under this head lasts for 3 months but can be extended or renewed upon expiry.

3.     Composition Taxpayer: If you are planning to make use of the GST Composition Scheme apply under this heading. This type of registration requires a fixed deposit. The scheme does not allow input tax credit.

4.     Non-Resident Taxable Person: Select this mode of GST Registration when residing elsewhere in the world but supplying goods within India’s borders. Like Casual Taxable Person, mandatory deposit equivalent to expected GST liability during registration period applies.


Documents for GST Registration in Mumbai

  • PAN Card of the business Ø PAN of the applicant
  • Identity proof of the applicant along with the photographs
  • Address proof of the applicant
  • Business registration document or the incorporation certificate
  • Business location proof
  • Bank account statement
  • Digital Signature Certificate of the Applicant
  • Letter of the authorization or the Board Resolution for the authorized signatory.

GST Registration Process in Mumbai

-        Consultation: First there has to be a discussion as to the needs of your business. This will help us know better whether or not you qualify for GST Registration in Mumbai.

-        Document collection: Once your requirements are identified then someone from our team shall work with you towards collecting documents necessary for the application.

-        Application preparation: The process of filling out forms can be time consuming and confusing but rest assured; we will take care of this step too. All we need from you is accurate information about the business such as name, address and so on.

-        Submission and follow-up: When everything is filled correctly then we deliver those documents where they belong. Besides submitting papers on behalf of customers like yourself we do regular checks until approvals are granted thus speeding up registration process.

-        GSTIN Allocation: Finally, after all said and done one thing remains – allocation number. Getting it means that legally one can commence operations smoothly.

-        Post-registration support: This support does not end with processing only. For instance, any other questions regarding compliance may arise later after successful enrolment into the system.

Do not permit the intricacies of GST registration in Mumbai to impede your business. Collaborate with eFiling Company and see first-hand how our knowledge and commitment can revolutionize your enterprise’s operations. Allow us to guide you through the world of GST registration in Mumbai with certainty and convenience through our hassle-free process, customer-oriented approach, and dedication to perfection. Reach out now!


FAQs on GST Registration in Mumbai

1.     For example, if my company has operations in two states, do I have to register for GST separately in each of them?

It is true that you need to get GST registration independently in both the states where your company is operating.


2.     What if my application for GST fails?

If your application is declined by GST, you will get a notification so that you can put right the reasons for rejection. Nevertheless, before reapplying you will need to wait for a final refusal which usually takes around 10 days.


3.     How much does it cost to obtain a number for GST?

The Government does not impose any fees on registration of GST. However, they could charge you professional fee if you approach a chartered accountant or consultant as registering process is quite involving.


4.     Can I cancel my own GST number?

Yes, voluntary cancellation of your own GST number is allowed but only after one year from date of registration.


5.     Can I register twice in the same PAN card for Goods and Services Tax (GST)?

No; the PAN card covers only one registration. Nonetheless, many businesses can be added under one application while registering under GST.

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