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Are you in Bangalore and need assistance registering your business for GST registration? We've got you covered! To assist companies in meeting their GST requirements, eFiling Company, the most trusted GST Registration Consultancy in Bangalore, offers smooth GST Registration services. We assist you by streamlining the whole GST registration procedure in Bangalore.

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This is why you should choose us for GST Registration in Bangalore:


1.     Expert Guidance: At eFiling Company, the most reliable GST Registration Consultancy firm in Bangalore, we understand every aspect of GST registration. We will provide guidance from experts throughout the process to keep you informed.


2.     Customised Service: Each business is unique and we recognize this by providing specialized services that cater for each client’s specific needs. Our knowledge enables us to handle your GST registration accurately and quickly irrespective of your size whether small scale or large enterprise.


3.     Prompt Assistance: In Bangalore, time is everything during the process of registering under GST regime therefore; we ensure timely help at each stage so as not to delay your registration and hinder expansion of your business.


4.     Compliance Guarantee: All businesses are required to adhere to Goods and Services Tax Act. Our knowledge and expertise ensures that you are compliant with the latest rules thus minimizing chances for penalties or fines being imposed on you.


5.     Easy Process: We believe in making our customers’ GST registrations simple. In other words, we do it all for you. From document preparation to submission, we save you time and effort.


6.     Affordable pricing: Our prices are set in such a way that everyone can afford GST registration in Bangalore. We believe in transparency and honesty; therefore, what we charge reflects these qualities—we never compromise quality for savings.



Process of Registering for GST in Bangalore


- Consultation: Before applying for this scheme, discuss your specific needs with us. It helps us determine your eligibility more accurately.


- Document collection: Once we know what is required based on your situation; our team will work together with you to collect the necessary documents needed for getting started with the application.


- Application preparation: Forms may be tedious and complicated to fill out but worry not as this is also handled by us. All you need to do is provide accurate business details such as name, address etc.

- Submission and follow-up: Once all the papers have been filled in correctly, it is necessary to deliver them where they belong. Moreover, until permissions are granted frequent checks should be made - this will speed up the registration.


- Allocation of GSTIN: One can proceed with their business upon the allocation of GSTIN.


- Support provided after registration: The support here is more than just processing things. For example, after being registered successfully into the system itself there might arise additional queries on compliance requirements. When they do arise, we, the most trusted GST Registration Consultancy in Bangalore, are here to help you out.


Types of GST Registration in India


-        Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST): This levy is applicable on intra-state supply of goods and services.


-        State Goods and Services Tax (SGST): SGST arises when a good or service is sold within the geographical limits of a state.


-        Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST): When goods or services cross borders between states, IGST applies to such transactions.


-        Union Territory Goods and Services Tax (UTGST): UTGST is levied on the supply of goods and services to Union Territories like Andaman, Daman, Lakshadweep, Dadra, Diu, Chandigarh etc. UTGST operates together with CGST.



Documents to Be Submitted:


  • PAN Card of the business Ø PAN of the applicant
  • Identity proof of the applicant along with the photographs
  • Address proof of the applicant
  • Business registration document or the incorporation certificate
  • Business location proof
  • Bank account statement
  • Digital Signature Certificate of the Applicant
  • Letter of the authorization or the Board Resolution for the authorized signatory


Benefits of GST Registration:


-        GST has consolidated various forms of indirect taxes into one system in the country, thereby doing away with cascading effects of such taxes.


-        Threshold for registration has been significantly raised under GST. VAT was previously charged to businesses that had a turnover exceeding Rs 5 lakh where different states had different thresholds. Further to that, service tax did not apply to an entity whose turnover was less than Rs 10 lakh. However, this threshold is now increased up to Rs 20 Lakh under GST which benefits many small traders and service providers.


-        Small Businesses can now come under the Composition Scheme that will reduce their compliance burden as well as their tax liabilities.


-        The process of registering for GST in Bangalore is straightforward and completely online; our GST experts just require you submit all your necessary documents.


-        Under GST, compliance is less onerous than most other tax systems and all returns are done online at one’s convenience. At eFiling it’s very easy to file GSTRs.


-        Earlier unorganized sectors like construction and textiles have been organized through GST along with the provisions of online compliance obligations which have enhanced accountability system within these industries considerably.


The complications of Bangalore GST registration must not hinder your business. Partner with eFiling Company and see how we can change everything for you. Our hassle-free approach, customer centricity and pursuit for excellence ensures that you go through the process of GST registration in Bangalore confidently and without any difficulty at all.


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What if my turnover is below the threshold, can I register for GST voluntarily?

Yes, you can choose to register for GST voluntarily even when your turnover is less than the threshold. Opting to register this way allows you a number of benefits including input tax credits and accessing interstate transactions which may improve trust in business.


What are the penalties for not registering for GST on time?

Late registration fee and interest are some of the penalties imposed on delayed registration with regard to GST. To avoid paying fines and violating tax laws, it is essential that you adhere to the stipulated timelines.


Does effective date of GST registration mean the same as date of registration?

The effective date of GST registration denotes when you become liable to pay GST but the date of registration depicts when you are officially registered. Knowing this distinction will enable you determine at what point your GST responsibilities begin.


Do voluntary registrants have mandatory requirements of issuing tax invoice and collecting taxes?

Yes, a tax invoice must be issued while collection must be done by voluntary registrants for purposes of GST. Even if one’s income does not reach this limit, meeting invoicing and collection requirements is vital to fulfil legal obligations regarding transactions transparency.


Can I obtain an input tax credit for a liability of 5% GST on the sale of goods by my partnership firm?

No, input tax credit against a 5% GST liability for selling your partnership’s goods is not possible. Input tax credits generally apply to higher taxes and this 5 percent rate may not be eligible to get input tax credits.


What should business do in relation to GST when it is unregistered and supplies are made from entities which charge GST?

If your business is not registered for GST and dealing with entities charging GST, consider registering to avail input tax credits. Without registration, your business may bear the full tax burden, which could impact profitability.


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