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Welcome to eFiling Company, which is a reliable company that provides streamlined company registration services in Delhi. We simplify the process of registering a business with our skills and commitment thereby helping entrepreneurs and companies gain visibility in Delhi’s vibrant business environment. Whether you are an established enterprise or just starting up, we offer full support to make your registration faster and meet all legal requirements.


Easy Company Registration in Delhi:

It can be confusing to register a company in Delhi due to its complicated nature but not with eFiling Company, the best company registration consultant in Delhi. Our services are designed specifically for firms operating within this city thus allowing you more time to concentrate on other aspects of growing your enterprise as we handle the registration procedures on your behalf.


Many Types of Company Registration in Delhi

All companies in Delhi are established under the Companies Act 2013 and are regulated by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). The following are different types of companies that entrepreneurs can register in Delhi:


-        One Person Company (OPC): OPC is created by a single member, who is an ideal option for individual entrepreneurs.


-        Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): This partnership-based company is formed by two or more partners and it is good for groups willing to form partnerships.


-        Private Limited Company: Two or more members establish a private limited company. It is suitable for businesses seeking funds to finance their ideas.


-        Public Limited Company: A number of individuals create this type to offer shares to the public.


Requirements for Company Registration in Delhi

To begin with, before proceeding with company registration in New Delhi, there are some things that need to be put into consideration;

1.     Unique Name – Avoiding the similarity with already registered company names or trademarks.


2.     Minimum Directors – The type of company determines the minimum number of directors needed (a minimum of one for OPC, two for a private company and three for a public one).


3.     Director Requirements: For directors, a foreign citizen can be a director, however there must be at least one Indian national amongst the directors. Additionally, each director is obligated to obtain a Director Identification Number (DIN).


4.     Minimum Members: The number of members that are prescribed for different types of companies shall be maintained by the company (a minimum of one for OPC, two for Private Limited and seven for Public Limited Companies).


5.     Digital Signature Certificate (DSC): The Directors and Shareholders should have Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) used in signing documents electronically.


6.     Registered Office Address: Every company must have its registered office address located in Delhi.


7.     Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA): A memorandum of association and articles of association are to be drafted by the company setting out its objects, rules and regulations.


Why Choose eFiling Company for Company Registration in Delhi?


-        Professionalism: Our well-seasoned experts have vast knowledge about the laws governing company registration process in Delhi. At each stage we will provide them with right advice so that it becomes smooth from start till end without any issues for our clients.


-        Personalised service: We know businesses differ from one another hence we don’t only serve you but also take into account what exactly you want. We offer tailor-made solutions for all your company registration needs – be it a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLP, or private limited company.


-        Quick Help: Time is money and we understand that very well. We promise you our fastest service. Your registration will be done speedily with the help of our team who works hard to make sure everything is completed as soon as possible so that there aren’t any delays in starting up your business activities.


-        Legal Compliance: Every business must comply with certain legal requirements set by regulatory authorities otherwise they might face consequences from their side. Our experts take care about all necessary formalities and documentation needed for this purpose thus greatly reducing chances of making mistakes which can lead to further problems or complications later on.


-        Fair Pricing: We charge fair rates when rendering services related to registering companies because we don’t have any hidden costs whatsoever. So, what you pay upfront is exactly what has been stated on paper allowing one budget accordingly while planning for other expenses too.


-        Post-Registration Support: We don’t stop supporting you once your company is registered. We offer support on different business compliance areas, helping you understand the regulatory environment as you grow your business.


Effortless Company Registration Procedure with eFiling Company:

-        Consultation: We start our process by having a detailed discussion with you to comprehend what you want to achieve from your business and what it needs. During this conversation, we identify the best legal structure for your organization and discuss the steps required for registration.


-        Documentation: Our team will help you collect all the required papers and data needed for registering depending on which form of business entity suits your situation; ID proofs, address proofs, MOA & AOA etc .


-        Name Reservation: As per Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) guidelines we check availability if names then reserve one unique name for your company.


-        Application Preparation: All necessary documents such as incorporation application forms along with Memorandum and Articles of Association among others are carefully prepared by our experts who ensure they are compliant with MCA regulations.


-        E-filing: The complete application is submitted to the MCA portal for company registration.


-        Result of Registration: When the MCA has carefully checked and approved, your company turns into officially registered and you will be given a Certificate of Incorporation.


-        Post-Registration Obligations: We also help with post-registration obligations such as PAN and TAN licenses acquisition, bank account opening and other regulatory requirements basing on the nature of your business.


With eFiling Company, it is easy to register a company in Delhi. Let us assist you in realizing your entrepreneurial dreams. Talk to us now!

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