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Thinking of starting your new business or expanding the existing one in India? It is highly preferred to choose company registration in Chandigarh because of its easy process as well as tax and regulatory benefits values over other business establishments. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) oversees the registration of a company in India, and it regulates all stages of incorporation including meeting other formalities.

Our team at eFiling Company, top-rated company registration consultant in Chandigarh is committed to providing you with guidance during your registration in Chandigarh so that you can have your papers within 7-12 working days. You focus on planning for your business while we take care of all paperwork and fulfilment.


The following are documents required for company registration:

- Photocopies of PAN Cards

- Copies of Passport Photos

- Voter ID cards / Aadhaar Card copy

- Lease Agreement Copy (if property is rented)

- Electricity/Water Bill for Business Place

- Photocopy of Property Papers (if property is owned)

- Landlord NOC (Format available)


The Process to Register a Company in Chandigarh

1. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Directors Identification Number (DPIN) Application

In the beginning, partners have to ask for the certificates of digital signature and DPINs. DSC is an electronic signature used for filing while DPIN means Director PIN number given by MCA. If directors hold DSCs and DPINs already, this step can be skipped.


2. Approval of Name

You are required to provide three options of distinct names for your company to MCA from which one will be chosen. The chosen names should ideally be unique and suggestive of what the company does.


3. Submitting Memorandum of Association (MOA )and Articles of Association (AOA )

After that, MOA and AOA should be prepared on approval of name selected by you .These documents are both submitted to MCA together with statement on subscription.


4. Get the Certificate of Incorporation

For establishment of a Private Limited Company as well as getting incorporation certificate it takes 15-25 days generally. The certificate signifies that the company has been established and also contains Corporate identification number(CIN).


5.Application For PAN, TAN And Opening Of Bank Account

Subsequently, you should also apply for Permanent Account Numbers (PAN) and Tax Deduction and Collection Account Numbers (TAN). Normally, PAN and TAN are received in just seven working days. Upon this, incorporation certificate, MOA, AOA and PAN may be supplied to open a bank account.


Are you ready to turn your business dreams into reality? Then, eFiling Company, top-rated company registration consultant in Chandigarh, can be the portal through which you may achieve this. Here’s why:


-        Legal Protection and Credibility: Registering your company makes it a separate legal entity from you. This prevents personal assets from being applied in business liabilities and adds credibility to the business, making customers, investors and partners trust it.


-        Tax Benefits: There are countless tax advantages that come with registering a company. Lower taxation rates on business expenses to deductions resulting into potential large-scale tax savings will hence improve your bottom line.


-        Access to Funding: Do you need money to expand your operations? Registered firms find it much easier to access financing alternatives like bank loans, venture capital or angel investments. In addition, investors prefer companies registered over them for the transparency and accountability they provide.


-        Brand Protection: The name of your company as well as its logo are very important assets. By registering your enterprise legally, it secures its brand identity thereby stopping others from using similar names or trademarks that would dilute its value.


-        Business Expansion: By registering your business, you will have a good base to expand your operations. As a result, it can be allowed to step in fresh markets, engage in partnership and even merge or acquire easefully which would enable long term growth and success.


-        Government Contracts and Opportunities: Most government contracts are only limited to registered firms. This registration exposes you to fat government tenders that could open new avenues for generating revenue.


Our eFiling Company, top-rated company registration consultant in Chandigarh, recognizes the importance of company registration in realizing one’s entrepreneurial dreams. The professionals we have on board are qualified enough to take you through the process with much ease without breaking any laws that govern us. Start building your fiefdom with eFiling Company today.

Checklist for Registering a Company in Chandigarh


The Companies Act, 2013 has defined many things that would be fulfilled in order to register any company in India.


-        Two Directors at Least: A private limited company can have minimum of two directors and maximum number of them should not be more than that. Among these directors, there should be at least one citizen of India.


-        Company Name Registration: It is not possible to give your business the name which is already being used by other companies or trademarks available on the market today.


-        Minimum Capital Contribution: There is no lowest limit of capital that a firm must start with. A firm as such should have an authorized capital of Rs.100000/-


-        Registered Office Address: The registered office of the company need not necessarily be a commercial space; even a rented house would suffice provided there are no objections from the landlord.


FAQs for Company Registration in Chandigarh


Q. What are the conditions required to include a Private Limited Company?

A. The prerequisites for company registration in Chandigarh or incorporating a private limited company are as follows:

- A minimum number of two and a maximum of 200 members.

- Directors and shareholders should be at least one each.

- Every Director must have a Director Identification Number (DIN).

- PAN Card Copy of directors/shareholders & passport copy for NRI subscribers.


Q. Can we use our home address for Company Registration?

A. Yes, the company has to produce proof of address during incorporation but residential address can be used as the registered office of the company as allowed by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). This means any Address you want could be provided.


Q: What does MOA and AOA stand for?

A: Memorandum of Association (MOA) is defined under section 2(56) of the Companies Act 2013. It describes how the Company is established, including its powers, structure and objects.

The Articles of Association (AOA) are defined under section 2(5) of the Companies Act in which it prescribes all regulations, rules relating to management of a company

Q: What are the attachments to Form 8?

A: The documents to be attached with Form 8 are:

-        Disclosure under Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Development Act, 2006 is a mandatory attachment.

-        In statement of contingent liabilities should be attached in case of any contingent liability.

-        Any other relevant documents may be provided as an optional attachment.


Q. Is it mandatory to file eMOA and eAOA along with SPICe+?

A. Yes, it is necessary to file eMOA and eAOA in the following cases:

- Individual subscribers are Indian nationals.

- If individual subscribers are foreign nationals, they must have a valid DIN and DSC and also submit proof of a valid business visa.

- Non-individual subscribers based in India.

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